Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Starting the School Year Off Right!

Back to school time is always exciting and anxiety inducing the same time. The new year represents a new year of growth while also means a transition period of getting adjusted to a new class, teacher, schedule, and more. Here are a few tips to help make that transition easier:

1) Visit your child’s new classroom and teacher the week before school starts. Make sure to go on a different time than the whole rest of the class is going. Take pictures of the new classroom, teacher, and any other changes.

2) Use pictures and drawing to make a social story about what the new school year will be like. Read it frequently with your child.

3) Establish a good morning routine. Begin the routine week before school starts to you can iron out any problems that may arise, and give your child a chance to get used to the new schedule.

4) Establish an after school routine. After a long day at school, especially in the beginning, your child may need some time to relax. However it’s important to have a set time and place to accomplish homework. After the designated homework time, its good to have a reinforcing activity planned.

5) Explain the need for good communication with the teacher. Knowing what your child did during the day is great for both recall practice and skill development.

6) Be excited! Your child will feed off your energy so keep a positive outlook.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Austin Area Miracle League Registration Begins!

Miracle League is a wonderful opportunities for children of all ages, abilities, and disabilities to get to play baseball. There is a no reject policy Every player is assigned a team and gets a jersey and hat.

Miracle League was designed to accommodate all. Everything is wheelchair accessible and the rubberized fields were designed to help lessen any falls.

However, in my opinion, the best part about Miracle League is that the kids gets to be ball players and the parents just get to be parents. With grandstands and a concession stand, the parents are kept off the field.

On the field, each player has a high school volunteer buddy, an “Angel in the Outfield.” Every player gets to bat each inning either on a tee or pitched to, and each player makes it to home. A PA system announces all the players. There are two innings and between the innings, they play Take Me Out the Ballgame and the Chicken Dance.
Due to the generosity of donations, there will be no registration fee this fall season.

There will also be kickball starting up in the fall as well! If you are interested in your own child playing or know some great potential buddies please see:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ABA Everyday: Learning Recall

Here are some tips on working on your child's recall ability:

Create a nighttime routine of reviewing the day. Together, go through the day listing the main events and talking about the child’s impressions of them. This can be adapted in many ways based on your child’s individual needs. Try to keep the number of activities around 5, with no more than 10. Also, encourage your child to illustrate their story.

Provide your child with a picture schedule showing the day. Review it with them and let them choose between a happy face and a sad face (or thumbs up/thumbs down) for each event.
Emerging Verbal: Gather pictures or words for each major event of the day. Help your child put them in order. Help your child choose an adjective to fit each by giving them two choices.

Minimally Verbal
Create a madlibs style journal entry. If necessary give the child a word bank or word choices for the blanks.
i.e. Today is _________. I rode the __________ this morning. At school my teacher, _____________, taught us _____ and _____. After school _________ came over. We played ______________. Then I ate ______ for dinner. It was _________! Finally it was bed time. I read ____________ with _________. What a ________ day!

Have the child list what they did that day. Under each event, ask them to write two details. Help them incorporate the list into sentence form. Keep a daily journal so they can look back on their adventures.